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About Us

Summit Ranch began as a horse facility in the 1970’s when it opened up as an breeding ranch for Arabian horses. Over the years it has evolved into a family friendly boarding and training facility with a variety of different breeds of horses along with a many different training opportunities.


Summit Ranch sits on 22 1/2 acres bordered by Mt. Diablo State Park to the North and East. We are very unique, in that, we have our own direct private access to Mt. Diablo State Park with its many trails. Through our private gate, you can ride in four different directions and be exposed to some of the most beautiful scenery in the Bay Area.


Owners Bob and Joan Marx, staff, and boarders share a passion for this ranch and Mt. Diablo that goes beyond words. Whether you are looking for horse boarding, training, or a just place to begin your journey with horses,  Summit Ranch is the place to be.


-A sincere welcome from the Summit Ranch Team.-

Owners- Bob and Joan Marx

Ranch & Apprentice Manager- Rachel Hannigan

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