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Boarding Options 

Here at Summit Ranch we pride ourselves on our family friendly atmosphere. Many of our boarders have spent a lifetime here at the ranch, now grown with children of their own entering the wonderful world of horses. We want to welcome you into this ranch that so many of us consider home.

Box Stall Board

We have a total of eighty-five box stalls around the property. Five are extra-large measuring twelve by eighteen feet, thirty-seven are Box stalls with exterior windows of various views measuring twelve by twelve feet, and twenty-four are interior box stalls with yoked door fronts measuring twelve by twelve feet.  Please contact us for current availability and pricing.

Mare Motel Board


We have a total of twenty-six partially covered, pipe panel stalls each measuring twelve by thirty-six feet.


These stalls are half covered and half matted to ensure a dry area for the winter months. Horses love it out here!

Stall Paddock Board


We have a total of twenty-four stall paddocks each measuring twelve by thirty-six feet on the property that are offered, when available, to current Summit Ranch Boarders based on seniority. People love them so much they don't tend to let these spots go!


* Stalls are cleaned six days per week (Monday-Saturday)

* Board includes hay (grass and an alfalfa/grass blend), shavings, and cleaning.

* We offer turn out service, blanketing service, exercise services and vacation care for an additional cost.

*We require proof of West Nile, Flu/Rhino, Sleeping Sickness, and Tetanus vaccinations upon arrival. 

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