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  • Indoor Arena


  • Outdoor Arena

  • Covered Round Pen

  • Outdoor Round Ren

  • Two Turn-outs

  • Indoor and Outside Wash-racks

  • Tack Storage 

  • Grain Rooms

  • Private Lounge/Viewing room attached to indoor arena with Flatscreen TV and WiFi for your convenience.

  • Direct Access to Mt. Diablo state park!


  • Turn-out

  • Vacation Care

  • Blanketing


Available for horses boarded with us. See our Rates Page for more details.


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Summit Ranch is a full-service boarding Ranch with a very efficient layout. We have the capability to house 113 horses in four different barns: a Mare Hotel with covered paddocks, and three barns with a mix of box stalls and stalls with paddocks. We also have a 50 ft. covered round pen and 50 ft. uncovered round pen. Trailer storage is available. Horses are fed twice a day and stalls are cleaned daily. We currently offer a 30%Alfalfa/70% Grass Blend and Straight Grass Hay. We have a beautiful lounge area where you can view horses being worked in the indoor arena.


Summit Ranch has two arenas available. Our indoor arena is 180' by 70' and is open year-round and ideal for riding during the cold winter months or on extremely hot summer days. This arena is groomed twice a day. The outdoor arena is 150' by 75' and is available during dry weather. Also available are two other turnout paddocks.


Summit Ranch has direct private access to the trails of Mt Diablo State Park. Mt Diablo offers the perfect setting for everything from casual trail rides to endurance training and conditioning.


Whether you are looking to board your own horse, or a place to begin riding lessons, Summit Ranch has everything a ranch could offer! 


See our Rates page for current pricing and other services offered.

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